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Help 20 year old Hieronymus Bosch Mystery - Can you solve it?


Half to the Tower, please.
Someone I know has wanted to know the answer to a little mystery for a long time. I always believe that if you can't get the answer on Urban, you can't get it anywhere.

Here's the mystery. Art buffs - any idea?

More than 20 years ago I heard or read that Hieronymous Bosch belonged to a sect which believed that our world was inside the devil’s digestive system (intestine?). I googled it recently and found only one mention of it, in a blog and without much detail. I asked on Quora and got no replies.
Is this just a a myt


Half to the Tower, please.
I mean, she's in Madrid, so she could always go to the Prado and see if anyone there could help, but I have faith in U75.

killer b

Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy
You aren't going to find anything that convicts, just theories based on similarities between some of the themes and images seen in Bosch paintings, and some things which some obscure sects he may or may not have been aware of may or may not have believed. It's a massive stretch.