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Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by Son of Roy, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass

    Lots of us put money into the 12th Man buckets at home games right? But this is a bit hit and miss. What Dulwich Hamlet needs is reliable regular income to be able to know it will be able to pay the players wages etc in future.

    Inspired by Mishi and the Pink Panther, I have also arranged a monthly standing order. Perhaps you would like to do the same weekly or monthly? How much? Depends on the individual. Shaun do you want to put the DHFC 12th Man sort code and account number in this thread?

    See this story on the Tonbridge Angels website. Some of their fans are contributing £1 a week. Surely you love DHFC more than that? It all adds up.

    Stop Press! 12th Man Fund now at £225 per month - News - Angels First Team - Tonbridge Angels
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  2. the 12th man

    the 12th man Well-Known Member

    We will get an article in a programme in the near future. Going forward this is a massive part of how fan run clubs survive! Never underestimate how a few coins can assisst in taking us forward!
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