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06-09: The Cav Presents: Royaltee & RYSE


and calm again
20:00 ~~ -- __ -- ~~ FREE ENTRY


Røyaltee is a Rock'n'Roll band born as a phoenix from the ashes, as it was formed once Axi (guitar), Oli JJ (bass) and Luca (drums) were in the search of a new lead singer. The new beginning started in London, England in late 2018 - this is when they found Marcus (vocals) and together they started a new era for their band and rock music as you know it.

With headlining shows, recordings and festivals coming up, the passion in the band has never burned so strong and never before have the guys been more in love with what they do.

''From Luca's bedroom to the stage, Røyaltee has come to take the world by storm!''

instagram @royalteeofficialband


Formed in the heart of Guildford, the band’s ambitious take on riff heavy music flirts with modern progressive Rock and anthemic choruses. Compared to the twisted child of Biffy Clyro and Rage Against the Machine raised on a diet of Nirvana-like angst and Radiohead-esque melodies, RYSE take glorious rock and roll back to a mainstream audience


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